Instant loan with no fixed income

Germany is currently in a good economic situation, the labor market remains stable and the prosperity in this country is very high. Nevertheless, there are first signs that indicate a difficult time, the euro crisis in the countries of southern Europe is worrisome. But there are also currently a large number of people who have a temporary employment contract or who are in temporary or temporary work.

So these people do not have a regular income and have to prove themselves again and again. In addition, there are of course unemployed and Hartz IV recipients who are financially worse off. This can become a real dilemma, because things in everyday life suddenly seem priceless.

The children’s school trip, a new heater or a new television can then no longer be afforded. But there are options, namely with an instant loan without a fixed income. How exactly such a loan works is now presented.

An instant loan with no fixed income – an opportunity

An instant loan with no fixed income - an opportunity

Classically, and this is the case for every loan, the bank first carries out a credit check. So-called loan collateral is determined here, which ensures that the installments are repaid. Proof of income is usually also an important criterion for the credit check. But if you don’t have a fixed income, this security disappears in advance.

There are also other forms of collateral, such as the ownership of real estate and houses or shares. If there is also nothing to show here, one should rely on a guarantor who can intervene in the event of payment difficulties of the applicant for his installments.

A guarantor is usually a relative or acquaintance. A clean Credit Bureau is also required when granting the loan. No negative entries may exist in the nationwide uniform database. The general conditions for an instant loan without a fixed income are presented below.

The conditions for such a loan

The conditions for such a loan

If there is adequate collateral, loan amounts of up to EUR 100,000 are possible. If such collateral is lacking, a small loan of up to 5,000 dollars can still be possible. The loan terms can be up to 60 months. The interest rate is also an important factor for the loan.

This can be between 4 and 14 percent and depends heavily on the current market situation. All of these factors ultimately result in the amount of the installment to be repaid monthly. An instant loan without a fixed income is a very fine and pleasant thing. Here people without a fixed income can fulfill the necessary wishes and needs.

Credit Cards to Recover Bad Credit

To rebuild bad credit, you need to start adding positive information to your credit score. The more positive information you can add, the more your credit score will improve. The problem is finding credit cards to rebuild bad credit. Most credit cards on the market are for people with good and excellent credit scores. Finding a credit card to renew a loan is not always easy.

However, there are some credit cards that approve people who renew their credit.

Credit Cards Provided for Bad Credit Recovery

Credit Cards Provided for Bad Credit Recovery

Secured credit cards are good credit renewal options because they usually do not require a credit check. Secured credit cards act like regular credit cards. The difference is that you have a security deposit against the credit limit on your card. The deposit is placed in a savings account and is only used if you are on a credit card by default. Otherwise, your purchases go against your credit limit.

If you have enough money to make a secure deposit, then you can get a secured credit card. Your deposit could be as low as $ 49 on Capital One Secured MasterCard. Discover a Secured Credit Card, which is a secured card, is another great option for credit renewal.

There are several other well secured credit cards on the market – the Fargo Secured Credit Card, Master One Secured MasterCard and USAA Secured Card pillars are a few examples.

Look for a secured card that reports to major credit bureaus, has low annual fees, and converts to an unsecured credit card after a timely payment period.

Other credit card options

Other credit card options

Retail credit cards are an option, but the high interest rate and limited use make them less attractive than other credit card renewals.

If you are approved for retail credit cards, you are likely to have a very low credit line of about $ 100 to $ 300. You may be able to limit your credit limit periodically, as you use the card responsibly and pay it on time every month. A few months of positive payments with a retail card can help you qualify for something better.

Consumers with poor credit

Consumers with poor credit

Look out for credit cards like Applied Bank Gold Visa that charge extremely high annual fees over the credit limit – $ 125 an annual credit limit of $ 500 in this case. These reaper cards are used by consumers with poor credit, who have trouble qualifying for credit elsewhere. High costs are not worth the small benefit.

Finally, prepaid cards are a credit card or account verification tool that can be used to buy credit cards and debit cards. However, these cards do not improve your credit score – at least not the major credit scores that most lenders use to approve your applications.

Credit despite receiving sickness benefits


Sickness benefit is given to people who have been on sick leave for several weeks or months and are unable to work. They receive only a small part of the income from the health insurance that they normally receive.

The money is often no longer sufficient to pay current bills, so the financial situation can become very tight. Many banks are visited by customers who want to apply for a loan despite receiving sickness benefits. But banks have a high risk with these people because they cannot guarantee that work can be started again soon. And this is where the problems with the application begin.

No Lending Reasons

No Lending Reasons

Banks shy away from the risk of lending to a person who has been sick for several weeks or months. Nobody can know when the work will start again, so it is also uncertain when the right salary will be earned again. Sickness benefits can be used to pay the bills, but there will hardly be any money left to repay a loan amount. As a result, banks generally do not grant a loan despite receiving sickness benefits. The security of the salary is not given, so that loans are often not granted.

Way out for a loan to be granted

Way out for a loan to be granted

The best would be if the applicant can prove when he can go back to work. Then banks often get a small loan that has to be repaid in a short time. As the credit rating is very poor, the applicant has to try to find collateral to secure the loan. A guarantee that is always accepted is suitable here. It is not easy to find a guarantor, because in an emergency he has to pay the loan installments when the actual borrower is no longer able to do so.

This means that the guarantor also has a high risk. Anyone who names life insurance as their own has a clear advantage. This insurance can either be taken as collateral by the bank or can be mortgaged. The loan is made by the insurance company, which does not always agree to it. A conversation must clarify this.


Only those who provide sufficient security will receive a loan despite receiving sickness benefits. The loan amount will be very low, but can help to pay some bills. If you can, you should refrain from the loan and wait until you can start working again. Then a high loan can be taken out, with which all bills can be paid.

Installment loans: It’s not always the right choice

With the installment loan, you borrow once (upfront) and repay as scheduled. Mortgages and car loans are typical home equity loans. Your payment is calculated using the loan balance, interest rate and time when you have to repay the loan. These loans can be short-term loans or long-term loans, such as a 30-year mortgage.

Simple and stable

Simple and stable

Payments in installments are usually regular (for example, make the same payment every month).

Credit card payments, by contrast, may vary: you only pay if you used the card, and the necessary payment can vary significantly depending on how much you have recently spent.

In many cases, payments on fixed loans are fixed, meaning they do not change at all from month to month. This makes it easy to plan ahead because your monthly payment will always be the same. With floating rate loans, the interest rate can change over time, so your payment will change along with the rate.

With each payment, you reduce your credit balance and pay interest. These costs are paid into the calculation of your payment when the credit is made in a process known as depreciation.

Installment loans are the easiest to understand because they are very small changes after you set them up, especially if you have a fixed-rate loan.

You know (more or less) how much a budget is for each month. However, if you make extra payments (for example, with a large lump sum), you may be able to reduce your renamed payments.

To calculate your payments, use a loan amortization calculator or learn how to do the math manually.

Loan loans and loans

Loan loans and loans

Using a loan can help your credit. A healthy mix of different types of debt tends to lead to the highest credit scores, and installment loans should be part of that mix.

These loans suggest that you are a convened lender; if you finance everything with credit cards you probably pay too much.

Don’t go crazy with a war loan; use only what you need. A home loan, student loan, and maybe a car loan are satisfied. Some installment loans can hurt your credit. If you use financial businesses (for example, in your own institutions or retail stores), your credit scores are likely to fall.

War and payday loans


In recent years, home loan loans have become popular with borrowers who have bad credit. These loans are offered at lending stores and advertised as a way to get out of the short-term cash crisis. Unfortunately, they are often almost as expensive as day-to-day loans.

If you are looking at a loan for less than a year, be careful. There is a good chance that it is an expensive group loan, and you can probably do better with a personal loan from your bank or credit union.

If you cannot qualify for a loan from a traditional bank or credit union, try an online lender or P2P loan – they are often affordable and easier to qualify for. In the end, a loan from a lender may be your only option, but these loans can easily lead to problems.

Look out for high-interest rates and additional products, such as insurance, that you may not need.


On the bright side, some payday loans are more friendly than payday loans, even if you get a loan from a payday loan store. Installment loans can help build a loan if your payment is reported to the credit bureaus (and then you can stop using the shops to pay off the loan). Moreover, you are gradually making regular payments to pay off the loan, instead of dealing with bubble shock.

That said, if you treat installment loans such as payday loans – if you keep refinancing to extend your repayment deadline – you will find that your debt burden is rising.